Snake wine. . . yep, snake wine.

I am all about trying new things.  Just “give it a shot”.  You will never know until you try it.
I just returned from Vietnam and had the chance to put this ideal to the test.
On a tour of the Mekong Delta, we visited a local group that produces coconut candy— in the middle of the jungle. In fact, this group uses the coconuts, the trees, and the leaves to create many useful products.  The Vietnamese generally try to make use of everything from their plants, trees, fruits and vegetables in their daily lives.
As we toured the facility we came around to the backside of the counter selling the coconut candy.  A few bottles sat on the counter and our guide, Tien, asked if I wanted to try some rice wine, coconut wine and banana wine.  I, of course, was “all in”.
The rice wine was as close to straight grain alcohol as I have ever had.  In fact, it probably was.  The coconut wine was much more smooth (it is hard not to be after the first drink).  It had a creamy texture and there was a hint of coconut to it. The banana wine was about the same, with a hint of banana.
Then I saw it. . .
Snake wine is believed to be a healthy drink with medicinal attributes in southeast Asia.  It is said to be especially good for one’s kidneys.  The snakes are generally venomous snakes fermented with rice wine.
As a new resident of southeast Asia, I thought. . . “when in Rome” . . . and gave it a shot.  More mind over matter, the wine was smoother than the first rice wine I had tasted (still think it was just grain alcohol).  With no scent, surprisingly, the wine tasted a bit “fishy”.
Gladly, I am still a proponent of trying new things- even though this was a stretch.  Now, where are those chicken feet