About us

The Wine Monologues is run by two wine aficionados based in the United States. It was founded in 2012 as a way to keep track of our favourite wines as well as new discoveries, rediscoveries and expert opinions.

Here you’ll also find exclusive interviews with the biggest names in the wine world, ranging from vineyard managers to master sommeliers. We are dedicated to bringing you the latest news, insider info and recommendations from our top contributors to make your next bottle of wine unforgettable.

Our head of operations is Angelina – a recently (and happily) divorced mother of three, located in Seattle, Washington. Angelina’s love for wine extends way part her own marital issues. Indeed, it goes further back than her marriage to that cheating scoundrel Mark, who is lucky he got anything at all in the settlement.

Angelina discovered her love for wine during a trip to Italy in the 1980s. Aside from the wonderful food and rich history, she got to sample some truly inspiring bottles, ones that would remain favourites for many decades to come. After drinking through the supply of Barolo she brought back home to rainy Seattle, she set about learning all she could about the world of wine – production, bottling, grape varieties, wine chemistry, the works. She would go on to take several courses about wine and is a registered sommelier.

In 2012, Angelina decided that a website would be the perfect medium to share her passion with the world and the web. So she enlisted some help.

Kimmy is a happily married Wisconsonite, currently reading for a PhD in molecular chemistry. One of her many interests is wed design and development. Kimmy and Angelina met on an online discussion board and it some became clear that their shared love of fermented grape would be a talking point.

Kimmy went on to build and launch the site, choosing a simple layout and easy-to-use content management system with a few upgrades of her own. Now all the site needed was someone to write…

A few months after The Wine Monologues went live, Angelica and Kimmy agreed that they would need help to keep the site as updated as they would like it. With Kimmy studying and Angelica juggling three kids, there was need for some assistance. This is where Cooper came in.

Cooper was a journalism and writing student at the time, in his last year of study, and looking to take on an internship. His excellent portfolio of work and his stunning abdominal muscles really sealed the deal for Angelica, who agree to a 6-month internship with the possibility of taking on a full time role after that.

Cooper took to the work admirably, learning a great deal by himself and sitting down for many an evening of candle-lit wine tasting with Angelica. Eventually, he was hired and now manages the content department for the Wine Monologues website. He also designs some of the graphics and responds to requests for interviews, information and more.

Although the Wine Monologues team is small, we are committed to bringing you the best possible product we can. We would never recommend a wine we do not personally love and we take great care to make sure the information we supply is correct. If we’ve gotten it wrong or there’s something that’s not quite clear, please get in touch via the form on our Contact Us page.